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Limitless Supplements


At Limitless Supplements, we believe to strive forward is defined as continuously pushing  yourself beyond your limits, to a place reached only by few, to be the best, and to be  YOUR best. We believe that producing high quality, environmentally friendly, sustainable  products satisfies the ever-increasing demands from consumers regarding product safety, the producer’s commitment to sustainability and overall product excellence.


At the root of Limitless Supplements lies our core vision; “In everything we do, we believe  in challenging people. We believe in inspiring and empowering, by bringing forth the true  potential to excel hidden beneath. We also sell supplements”. Our proteins are all sourced  from 100% grass fed New Zealand cows, are GMO free, gluten free and produced to the  highest of New Zealand’s food safety standards.

Our range comprises of three core families; Empower Natural; a range of all natural protein  powders, and protein bars. Inspire; a range of on the go, effective pre-and post-workout  sports supplements, and Excel; a portfolio of mass gaining products specifically targete at  people wanting to increase body mass.


With the ever-growing focus on health and well-being coinciding with the increase of  consumer’s demanding ‘natural’ products, Limitless Supplements endeavours to meet  market demands through innovative research, development, marketing and customer  support.


It is of utmost importance that our business runs on sustainable practices, ensuring our  packaging is recyclable, that our factories follow lean production systems, and that we  collaborate with companies that share the same vision for a greener, more sustainable  future.

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