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Inspired by one of Healeys first cyder brands crafted over  30 years ago. Born in the on trade for customers looking  to complement their draught range with an authentic, Cornish craft cyder at 4.5% ABV. The crisp apple flavour  and refreshing sparkle make the perfect pouring pint which also pairs well with a range of dishes including fish  and chips, spicy foods and cheeses.


A masterful blend of experience, hard work and passion  join together to create the crisp apple flavour of

Cornish Gold. A truly Cornish crafted cyder, created by

independent Cornish family cyder makers from our farm  and orchards at Penhallow. The bottle is designed for

both on and off trade customers looking for an authentic,  craft Cornish cyder to enhance their range.


The blended subtle fragrances of Elderflower and Rose  offers fruit cyder drinkers’ new tastes to enjoy.

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